Warning: No pictures!!

Because if I wait to transfer/upload/link them, you’ll be waiting till after xmas!

Recent happenings:

* Much baking. Nigella’s kids’ bikkies (I love my food processor). Also Simplicity Chocolate Cake from NMAA cookbook. Most excellent whack-it-in-and-whizz-it-round cake ever. Makes awesome cupcakes.

* Cleaning. Eg windows. Then it rained for two days. I’m not cleaning any more windows until I want the garden watered.

* Washing. Eg every blanket, doona cover, and knee rug in the house. There are times when an hour and a half to wash the sheets is a little longer than I’d like to wait. The express function is neat though.

* Shopping. Well, not really. Major purchases are being held off till the Boxing Day sales. Scored some great bits of fabric from bin at Spotties. Looking forward to some sewing.

* Knitting. Xmas meet-up at (Rav link) Bishopstone‘s house. Finished practice tea cosy for MIL. Felted it. V cool, but needs a little more hand-felting to even out lumps. Much knitting of sock.

* Carols. By the Bay. Julie Anthony. Shiny costumes and much performing. Not a lot of singalong for two and a half hours. I hung a head-light (no idea what they are called, little LED light on adjustable elastic headband) around my neck and knitted on. Home after 11pm. Do I need a nap today or what.

Time to go hang out more washing and put more on and have another cuppa and go to the shop to order a ham etc etc etc.

Catch you soon!


3 thoughts on “Warning: No pictures!!

  1. We grew up on Simplicity chocolate cake with the recipe doubled and baked in the roasting dish. There were 6 of us kids and it was the only way Mum could ensure there was some for at least one days worth of school lunches! These days the recipe is on a post it note stuck to the fridge so that Jules can cook it for or with the kids. I don’t need the recipe, it’s etched into my brain cells forever from overuse!

  2. Oh, you are actually blogging though!! I have temporarily given up the ghost!! Nice idea for the headlight and the knitting. I would like LOTS of crowd singing along at carols. Washing the car makes it rain too!!!

  3. what a great idea for taking to carols!!

    we almost never get to go to the Launceston ones cos its on the weekend we head to St Helens. went last year cos we came back that day.

    you sound as batty as me baking in summer 😉

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