Two steps forward…

I was going to whinge about my stupid cold in the head and how it’s interfering with having fun, but that’s just boring.

Instead, let me tell you how I wandered around the Speech Night rehearsal all day Thursday with a sock bag dangling from my left arm, working away on my Mermaid sock. I was partway down the leg, and got all the way down to the heel, while walking around chatting with students, threatening cheeky boys with my pointy sticks, and refusing requests to knit people socks. It certainly made it easier to be cheerful during a long day. I have since finished the heel and am about 1/3 of the way down the foot.

The reason that I am not further down the foot is that I have been alternating the sock with my long-neglected Clapotis. I bought the gorgeous Lion and Lamb wool silk yarn with my last pay in NSW (which is not to say that it cost an entire fortnight’s pay), not long before DD#2 arrived, and we left for Tassie. I started my Clappy after we arrived, but once I hit the straight I got so bored that I could barely bring myself to finish each row. So it has languished, neglected and forlorn, for more than three years. Recently I have been so tired and apathetic with end-of-year madness and headcold that the monotony of the pattern was as much excitement as I could cope with in my knitting, and yesterday I spit-spliced the beginning of the last ball to the working yarn – the end is in sight!! It may only take another 6 months, but there will be a finished Clapotis in my repertoire!!!

When not deeply tired and apathetic, I have been working on my Twist cardi – I’m about halfway up the second sleeve, and I have of course mirrored the cables because it makes me happy. Working on this 10ply thick, squishy cardi is like hedging my bets: for as long as the weather stays cool it is a nice warm thing to have in my lap, and if we get snow for Christmas I’ll flap my half-done cardi at the mountain, and if the weather waits until all I have left to do is seaming and then turns hot, well, I’ll have a brand new cardi to wear at the first hint of cold next autumn!


6 thoughts on “Two steps forward…

  1. just love the colour of your Clapotis!!!

    and yay for walking and knitting..proving women can multitask!! would love to see a man do that!!

    if you get snow for Chrissie i will certainly be jealous!!

  2. Oh I had forgotten about your Royal and Knightly sock tote!! The socks are coming along so very nicely, and I love your Clapotis!! If you could just stretch it out for 18 or 21 years, it could be a gift!!!
    Not quite cool enough for em to be knitting any ply at the moment.
    I hope you are feeling incrementally better every day.

  3. I was doing that at a birthday party today – wandering around knitting on Sian’s rainbow poo (or possibly clown vomit ) socks as I circulated.

    Hope you are much better soon and the clapotis does look very nice – mine came in usefuyl at a cold day at swimming while I was doing the decrease rows, because I could wear it and knit and was warm…. – sometimes tedious is good

    I think I may have to make another clappy (3) at some point, just to keep me warm while I knit in Autumn….

  4. Fro someone who hasn’t been feelign so good you’ve been doing very well at the multi tasking! The socks are steaming along, the clapotis is dreamily sea like in colour and the Twist cardi looks like 10 ply might be the way tgo go when I next want to knit something for me! I’m hoping the cold is heading on it’s way out and that you don’t have long before you feel on top of the world again!

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