It rained all weekend

No dog walks. No washing. No gardening.

And yesterday, from 8:15am till 5:30pm we were at the big hall in the Wrest Point Casino, because it was Dance Concert Day. DD#1 was in the morning session, and DD#2 was in the afternoon session. The MOMD was in both – there was a Dad’s Dance (and a Mum’s, but no, don’t ask me to) at the end, to a montage of Michael Jackson songs.

Yes, I took my knitting. Some Twist when the lights were up, and the second Mermaid sock when the lights were down. The k2 yo k2 k2tog pattern is pretty easy, but next time, due to the stop-start nature of the lighting, I will take either garter st or a plain sock. If I’d thought about it beforehand, I probably could have had another Arch-Shaped Sock well underway!


6 thoughts on “It rained all weekend

  1. have to say i LOVED the rain this weekend but HATED all the damn wind!! almost ruined my tomato plants!!

    got heaps of knitting done over weekend cos not much else cold be done!

    love my dryer 😉

    socks look the colours!

  2. A whole day for dance concert oh my you really did need the knitting! Well done on keeping the pattern straight with the lights going up and down too, that would have been annoying. Hope the daughters had a good time and the husband too!

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