Not saying it

Thank you for well-wishes everybody! Penicillin is a wonderful thing. I am back to work today, though planning to be very relaxed, and possibly go home early if I’m feeling too tired.

I didn’t get much knitting done Sunday or Monday, what with having no brain available at all, but yesterday I slouched on the beanbag with a long-neglected UFO – my Mermaid sock. I pulled out the waste yarn and knit the garter short-row heel (no idea why I didn’t do it at the time), finished the spiral (and very groovy) toe, then grafted the heel back to the sole (I really should have picked a different heel to do, but hey – sinus-junk-brain is not an effective decision-maker). It looks pretty cool, and is very very stretchy. I stayed up a bit later than I should have to cast on the second, have done the wavy bit at the top (very quiet at lunch today) and have just started the pattern. (up-to-date pics when I’m not knackered – flickr informs me that this pic is two years old!!)

The stitch pattern is the Estonian Fishtail, from Lucy Neatby‘s Cool Socks, Warm Feet. It really is amazingly stretchy, plus does such funky things with striping yarn!


As I am finishing this post after 9pm, I can tell you that any plans to leave work early were stymied, but by good things. I had a good day, treated myself to a new long KPro cable and some 2.5mm dpns – must be my fave size, I keep running out – picked up girls and came home for a cuppa. The MOMD came home and said the girls had to come to dancing practice with him, so they went off at 6. DS was at cricket. I finished my cuppa and went to bed for a good 1 1/2 hr kip, which I obviously needed! I am feeling tired but not ill – definitely mending. Which is good because I have lots of knitting to do. And a book-prize-buying day on Friday. And a Christmas party on Fri night. And the dance concert on Sunday. (Crunch time says the MOMD). Then the madness of next week, including Speech Night Thurs. Relapse is Not An Option.

PS I carried my sock around in the very delightful sock bag given to me by the incredibly delightful Cindy 2paw. I still loves it.



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