Not Hot.

Yesterday was warm to hot. Apparently it topped at 33* C, which is pretty hot for Hobart.

Today is not hot. I just went to get a warmer cardi, because it hasn’t quite reached 11* C outside yet. We are predicted to reach 18* C, which arithmetic tells me is 15* less than yesterday. A drop of 45.454545454545%. And my cold is trying to reassert itself.

Well, you know what I’m going to do about that, now don’t you? Purple socks! Bring out my Ruby Twist!! Maybe even cast on a Fireside!!! The warmer, the more cables, the thicker the garment, the better! I am going to knit my way to warmer weather!!

(Hey, do you think we could do a knitter’s version of that Lipton’s Iced Tea ad – knitters pick up their knitting, put needles and yarn into other people’s hands, put out the combustion heaters, drag all electric heaters out and pile into the street in the middle of a disgustingly cold, windy, sleety day, and sit down with their knitting, knit for a moment, then hold it up – and the sleet stops, the wind dies down, the clouds evaporate and the sun comes out!!)


5 thoughts on “Not Hot.

  1. You can have some of our hot – yesterday it was 38*C, and I proved myself the Awesomest Mother Ever by going up to the school and sitting in a plastic chair in an un-air-conditioned hall (with 20 or 30 other Awesomest Mothers Ever), so I could watch my nine-year old play a stray dog in a sketch about local government. I knitted on my FIL sock until my hands got all sweaty and the yarn stuck to me. Then I just sat there and stuck to my chair.

    I’m moving to Hobart. Or maybe Mawson Station.

  2. I wish – we had not hot and drizzle yesterday, today we have even less hot and rain – on Thirsday, when IO worked in the school canteen it was disgustingly hot.

    I would like slightly warmer please.

    I piked on my run this morning because it was cold and rainy.

    I am a wuss.

  3. I love some good maths on a blog. I was thinking of you all down South yesterday. It was cooler her but today it is lovely and rainy!!

  4. yesterday we had 38.2 followed 30 minutes later by 21.2. I washed the car in the rain. Love the idea of the Liptons add rip off. Happy weekend knitting!

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