Feeling better

A mostly quiet day, with a certain amount of housework in there to justify lots of selfish knitting, nice steak for dinner, v v nice red wine courtesy of the MOMD, (took me three tries to spell ‘courtesy’ – v v v nice wine), The Holiday dvd on the screen, more dark chocolate in the offing….

And just for KissMyFrog, I finally made a start on a very special project, which has made me quite happy, even though I think that I must now frog and start again. At last I have started a Fireside cardi, but the cuff seems rather large, and my stitches a little loose, so I think going down to 5.5mm needles is required, and perhaps down to the small size for the sleeves at least….




5 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. Must be v v nice wine indeed!!! Oh that’s a lovely cardi, the cables are gorgeous!! It is so cool, it is cold and I have a hot water bottle on the go!!!

  2. Yay! Now we can be twins! And I know I was there when you bought it, but I must say again: that colour is GORGEOUS!

    I ended up using 5mm needles for my cardi. V. v. glad I did, however (depending on the size of your guns), you might want to increase a little bit extra at the upper arms – mine are a wee bit snug.

  3. Shame you have to start again but it will be quicker second time round because you know the pattern! I am a sucker for green and yours is pretty much right in the spectrum of my first choice green….noice!

    I’m working on little projects at the moment. Going to have some space on a market stall next Saturday so hopefully I will sell something!

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