Racing towards the end of my cardi – and my yarn!

Knitting like a busy woman last night, I had some digital assistance in getting the most out of my yarn:


I knitted on till dinner, then knitted through a dodgy episode of Bones and an episode of Castle.

I admired myself.

Guess what I’m wearing now?

(And you’ll have to insert a more glamorous background than my bathroom wall)

Actual colour is somewhere between – neither so pink nor so orange. Perhaps I can find some daylight once it has been washed and blocked.

The only thing I’m not thrilled with is the way the cuffs of the sleeves bell out where it moves from st st to moss st. For the waist I did some decreasing to take care of that, but if it still bothers me after washing and wearing, I will unpick the cuffs and redo on smaller needles/fewer stitches.

There you go! Now back to the purple sock – halfway down the foot!


4 thoughts on “Racing towards the end of my cardi – and my yarn!

  1. Oh it’s very gorgeous, I see what you mean about he sleeve bands, maybe it will block out?? Fingers crossed. I think you chose really well!!!

  2. Excellent redness. Congrats on completion it really does feel good doesn’t it?
    Hope your last 24 hours have been better then mine. Minor disasters left right and centre.

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