Note to Self

Do not rip back a “mistake” in your knitting at 10:45 at night unless you have independent, professional, objective, third-party confirmation that there  is indeed an actual mistake present in your knitting.

You may find yourself the next morning spending your first cup of tea trying to work out where you are in the repeat, why nothing looks wrong, and having to go back two more rows to fix up the confusion caused by ripping back the non-error.

How early is too early to break out the dark chocolate?


3 thoughts on “Note to Self

  1. It is never too early for dark chocolate! I have just finished the knitting on Radiate and am devoting the next 7 days of knitting to WIPs – I hope to get the Clappy and Ishbel off the needles by the end of the 7 – feel better soon!

  2. I’d like to say “never too early” but it’s 10:26 here and too early!! LOL

    I’m so sorry you faced that trauma but you know what they say about the school of hard knocks!

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