What’s A Girl To Do?

When she has a cough that’s sending junk to her sinuses, the weather was too brisk all morning to garden while sick but not cold enough to wear layers of knitwear, she’s sick of looking at computer screens, has done her share of housework already that morning, and aside from the sinus headache is in fairly good spirits after many cups of tea and pieces of dark chocolate and maybe some freshly made choc-raising bikkies?

She gets out a paper bag, stuffs it with the goodies that were spread all over the floor this morning, and goes outside for a photo op!

And you since you know that the cubby house is usually a background for knitting-related photos, there could be some good guesses as to the contents of the bag…

Take a peek:








Would you like me to unpack it for you?




So, today I consoled my not-very-depressed spirits by unearthing all current sock yarns and socks-in-progress, and cardi and shawl…

Scarlet Woman cardi – yesterday and today I wove in all ends, did a few rows, and have about 26.5gms of moss st to go on the lower band (my waist is not that high up). I am undecided as to buttons – at top, leaving lower edge to hang free, or at bottom, snugging it nicely around ribs and thus accentuating bust area (hopefully blinding onlookers as to any other deficiencies of figure or form)…

Poipool sock – partway down gusset, moving fast. This is a very stretchy pattern, so after two repeats I went down a needle size and did another whole repeat before the heel – nice length on the leg and snugger fit above ankle. So far, touching wood and sending offerings of merino goodness to the Yarn Gods, it looks good. I am planning much weighing of skein and sock to determine whether I have enough for two long socks. I am prepared for substitution of other yarn at the toe if need be.

In progress, but untouched for some time:

  • Salida, (Rav Link) in Araucania Ranco (russet coloured) – this requires concentration, and while gorgeous, I just can’t do it right now. Bring on the holidays!
  • toe of as-yet-undetermined pattern, in Colinette Jewel (behind Poipool)
  • Anastasia (Rav Link) in Jolly Jumbuck Vegas – looks very skinny – I am dubious, and will try on after I pour another glass of Josef Chromy Pinot Gris (anyone who knows this wine label will now be dribbling, anyone who doesn’t should come and visit when Taste of Tasmania is on)
  • Forget-Me-Not shawl (Rav Link) in Wollmeise – I have technically reached end of body and should be ready for the border, but I have so much yarn left (half the cake!!) that I am upping the repeats.

Frogged: the Phoenix (Rav Link) sock in Ixchel Smile – wouldn’t fit over my heel! Dangnabbit. Duck feet, deep heels. Unfair, prickly pear!

To frog: the Sunday Swing (Rav Link) in Colinette Jay – love the pattern, love the yarn, but too dense and too narrow to fit over my deep heel. I need to go up a needle size, and possibly up a chart size.

To cast on: Colinette Salty Dog, destined to be Ocean Toes (Rav Link) from the Cat Bordhi book New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Oh how I want these socks, but first I must get a new ink cartridge for my MFP – the patterns in this book require you to do a little swatching and calculating, and since I do not wish to write all over the pages, I need to copy them, and the black isn’t working anymore in my printer/scanner MFP.

So. That’s where I’m up to. The kids are ensconced in front of Monsters Inc (we’re taping it – our dvd disappeared some time ago, so very glad to see it on free-to-air), the MOMD is cooking up a Thai red curry storm, and I think I have earned another glass of wine. There are of course other WIPS skulking around, but to reveal all now would leave me no fallback when next I have no new news to blog about.

I leave you with what some might consider a bombshell.

Other than one bespoke item (felted teacosy for MIL) ……


brace yourself….


got smelling salts handy?


a stiff shot of brandy ready to scull??


a soft place to land if fainting occurs???


I have NO Christmas knitting.


5 thoughts on “What’s A Girl To Do?

  1. You Scrooge you!! No Christmas knitting?? Me either!!
    Love your show and tell, it looks so lovely in the Sun!!! Hope you are feeling better now.
    Mmmm…. wine…..

  2. Getting better thank you. Less coughing (I’m increasingly sure that seriously good dark chocolate is beneficial in these cases), more knitting, nice wine and a good hot curry. And a nice sleep-in this morning!

  3. Wow! You are keeping yourself verty busy with your knitting! No wait – variety is the spice of life, right? he-he!

    This is my first ever year of Christmas knitting and I thought it would be a shoe in but I have my doubts now!

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