Not drowning, waving…

(to steal the name of a Melbourne band of some while ago) – I am still here, I am waving to tell you that I am still afloat, even occasionally waving my knitting above the ocean of other things taking my attention away from blogging…
My parents went home yesterday after a 2 week visit. It was lovely to have them, and lovely to take advantage of them to go out with the MOMD not once but twice – without children!!!!
There’s quite a lot happening at work – 4 weeks to go, and the crazy crazies kick in. Also there’s an online conference I’m supposed to be attending, but I’m finding it hard to find time that doesn’t detract from knitting time.
Then there’s the nagging chesty cough, though that seems to be giving up as the days warm up.
And I’ve managed to wash and clip my dogs, although Holly will need further ministrations.
And there was a tiny bit of gardening – 6 seedlings and some cuttings pilfered from neighbourhood fencelines.
And maybe some family activities.
And an afternoon at an open garden that was just unbelieveably beautiful (leading to the aforementioned pilfering, I’m certain)

And I’ll do some photos when my computer battery is not about to go flat. For example, there’s a purple sock that is down to the gusset that is just begging to be artistically posed amongst the lilac and aquilegia…


4 thoughts on “Not drowning, waving…

  1. I do love your artistically posed socks!! Sounds like you have been having way too much fun. Hope you are feeling better very soon so you can cope with the next few crazy weeks.

  2. Life has suddenly got busy all round

    I must blog and have seventy squillion things needing to be done

    The next week is about finishing things – then the madness of christmas knitting kicks in!

  3. Hey!!! Says she sticking her head above the water. Sounds like the end of the year is well and truly upon us all. Good luck with the last four weeks of school and the Christmas knitting!

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