Long-held Lust for Lace

Ever since I saw the waving lace socks in Vogue a few years ago, I’ve wanted to make them. Reading everyone’s comments on what to make, and trawling through Tink’s Rav queue, plus a little extra pattern-hopping (as you do), brought me back to Charlene Schurch. It’s a while since I’ve made anything from Sensational Knitted Socks, which is a shame because it is a fabulous book! So, after an initial flirtation with the idea of the arrowhead lace, I turned the page and found the Ribbed Lace, and my fate was sealed. I’ve knitted one full repeat so far, and I’m in luuuuuurv!

Do you want to see? (I want to knit and knit and knit – and I’m thrilled with how my skills are progressing: a sock that would have been a big challenge two years ago feels like lovely fun now!) (please Yarn Gods, that is not a request for resizing of my ego – I just meant that I can read my knitting, follow the chart, correct mistakes of which I’ve already made a couple – no need to teach me lessons, pleeeease!)

Ok, I’ll show you.

Purple Feet Amongst the Lavender

Pieds Violets Dans la Lavende

I have another pic, a closeup of the lace, but without some cropping there is far too much wintry leg distracting from the gorgeous sock.

Let me toy with piknik for a mo, and see what I can do.

Ok, lace pervs, click here to see.

In other news, girls have been photographed for the dance concert (end of this month), some gardening has occurred (lobelia beside front door, general weeding of bed bordering path), endless washing has happened, lovely morning tea at Salamanca this morning, went to dinner last night with hubby to celebrate (belatedly, but this meant we had babysitters) our birthdays and anniversary, also went to movies (a biennial event) to see The Box. Not an upbeat movie, exactly. And why was it always the wives? Work is busy, but fun. Enjoying my parents’ visit. Occasionally opening a book. Reading blogs once a week. Gym twice a week.

Erk. Listing it all is taking up my valuable hiding-from-kids time!

I’ll stop now, and let you get on with blog surfing 🙂





7 thoughts on “Long-held Lust for Lace

  1. Oh nice socks. I think I have knitted the waving lace, maybe?? The colour of your socks is lobelia!! I am permanently white legged and I don’t care!! Lovely close up.

  2. Yum! The purple! The lace! The lavender! It’s all so gorgeous… and the whiteness of the leg makes the perfect backdrop for the lace. 😉

    Aah, the Queue of Tink… it’s the Cave of Wonders, isn’t it? It’s become my first stop when I need inspiration.

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