Yesterday’s sock

I have 3 cms of ribbing, 64sts around of Poipool by Donyale, and NO IDEA what pattern to do.
Chevrons? (nah, not jaywalkers – they won’t fit over my heel)
Maybe Spring Forward?

Please tell me what to knit!!!


7 thoughts on “Yesterday’s sock

  1. Something by the Loumms people?? Ceri showed me their patterns yesterday with her new sock. I looked on Te Ravelry and their patterns are pretty fabulous!!! I expect you already know this though-I a always at the end of a trend!!!

  2. Oh yes – the edwardian boating socks would be lovely – or any of theirs – but the poipool is beautifully semi solid and would show stitches gorgeously – how about a CookieA?

  3. Haven’t been making socks long enough to know the good from the bad but will be interested in seeing what you come up with. I’m very happy with the mystery socks I’ve been knitting, maybe incorporate some of that

  4. When in doubt, CookieA. I think the Poipool needs to be something really bold, like Django. But that’s just me.

  5. I’d love to do some CookieA again – I have been gazing sadly at my Monkeys – or more specifically at the holes in the heels of my Monkeys – and thinking that it is time to tackle something funky again!

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