Random Saturday

  • Cuddles in bed
  • Breakky made for me
  • Knitting at my daughters’ dancing classes
  • Chatting with my parents and looking forward to their visit
  • Strolling through the markets, the trees decorated with candelabras of blossoms, buskers and local schools adding music to the air
  • Sitting at the table of a great cafe, knitting around the three year old asleep on my lap
  • Twenty minutes later, eating a lovely bacon bruschetta around the three year old asleep on my lap
  • Sitting in our backyard, having a leisurely cup of tea, piece of jaffa cake and conversation with the MOMD
  • Walking around the city watching the evening come in until it was time to go collect my son from his friend’s birthday party
  • Admiring the view of lights across the water and stars in the deep teal sky as we drive home
  • A quiet evening sitting on the lounge, hap-hazardly wandering through Ravelry forums, emails and Twist patterns, a few crumbs hold the memory of cake

It was a lovely birthday.


6 thoughts on “Random Saturday

  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day and that the weather was cooperative. Hope this year is fabulous and crafty for you!

    Didn’t know you also had an October Birthday…Snap!

  2. Aaaah! I am a horrible bloggy-friend! I’m so caught up in pouting about Tech Support going away on MY birthday that I totally forgot yours! Damn, I suck.

    Happy birthday, honey. Hope it was a good one. From the list above, it sounds pretty near perfect.


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