Dear Bloggy Friends,
I shall not shillyshally around with polite references to the weather or inquiries as to familial health. No, just this once, I will come straight to the point.
I have not been posting much recently – why? Slackitude.
I have not been knitting every knit to provide fascinating blogfodder – why? Slackitude.
I have not completed – or even started! – my Christmas shopping list yet, and have absolutely no idea what to buy/make/give anyone – why? Slackitude.
I have not vaccumed the cedar venetians recently, and it shows! I have not fixed loose buttons, sewn hems, tidied bookshelves or weeded the garden.

I offer this public apology to all my blog friends for not commenting often enough.
I apologise for not knitting enough to have tragically amusing stories of What I Did Wrong, nor joyously uplifting stories of What I Did Right.
I have wobbled a little on my exercise course, splurged a little on the luxuries, stayed up a little late reading books.

Now is the time for me to cast aside my slackitude, to see it for the deceiver it really is! It is not freeing me from domestic chores (the maturity thing keeps me washing and tidying just a bit every day). It is not giving me more time to spend with my friends (they’re all on Rav wondering where the Eternal-Airport-Lounge-With-No-Knitting I am (yarn addicts equivalent of you-know-where)).
No, slackitude is robbing me of the fun leisure stuff, the important stuff, the stuff that makes me feel good. And it has got to stop, so I can start!
Which I will!




5 thoughts on “Slackitude

  1. I know Slacktitude has struck here is waves. Today I am doing some housework: my sister is coming to visit. It’s a great motivator.
    I agree with TinkingBell, I think the dull and rainy weather has sapped us of our motivation.
    Happy UNslacktitude!!

  2. I think it has been here too. I have finally gotten around to partially dismantling Hunter’s bunk to put the ladder at the foot end instead of the head end a week after finding him hanging out the gap in his sleep with his head and both shoulders out….he has been barricaded in every night since, but I’ve been paranoid about forgetting to do it. The house is in more than it’s usual state of disarray and the garden isn’t much better. Dilemma: do something about it this evening or play Wii fit?????

  3. You forgot to mention the endless games of “Plants vs Zombies” you’ve been playing on the computer. Oh wait, that was me!

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