Sadly, there is no knitting to show

Leonie commented on the previous post, wanting some knitting, but I haven’t any to show!
As everyone knows, knitting needles are not allowed past the security gates in airports or on planes in Australia, so all those loooong hours travelling to Perth and back did not translate to phenomenal progress on any WIPs. And I could not knit during the conference because I was too busy typing notes and tweeting. Knitting during brekky and dinner was just too difficult – and would not have been a good look at the fancy conference dinner. And for the rest of the time I was either walking around the city and Kings Park, or collapsing in my hotel room too dang tired to do anything!
What I can say is that I met the lovely Fi from and had lunch with her in a lovely cafe (I went there for breakky and dinner too over the next two days, it was such a good spot!). True to form, I completely forgot to take any pics, not even of her very chic purple scarf!! We talked for a couple of hours, and walked around a little until it was time for me to go clean up for the Welcome Reception and dinner. We oohed and ahhed over a shop full of Dinosaur Designs jewellery and homewares, and discovered an exhibition that used images of cross sections of internal organs in a variety of ways – overlaid on subway maps, as cushions for chairs, in a symmetrical design like a celtic cross, and then one huge one where lots of different images were cut out from different coloured semi-transparent plastics and arranged in this enormous anchor shape, edges overlapping, colours and shapes randomly scattered…
In short, I had fun, and it was great meeting Fi in person after being blog friends for nearly two years!


6 thoughts on “Sadly, there is no knitting to show

  1. I think litters are amongst the most peaceful people, unless we are unravelling!! My car keys would do more damage.
    How exciting to meet Fi, I am so envious, but so glad to read you had such a lovely time!!

  2. …and I didn’t take pictures either!
    You’ll just have to come back. =>
    It was really lovely to meet you in person. You are just as entertaining in real life! I’m glad you had such a great week.

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