Popping over to Perth

6am flight to Melbourne, 8.20 flight to Perth, lunch with Fi of inkberryblue.blogspot fame, drinks, dinner and bed, jetlagged and overexcited. That’s the plan for Tuesday.

I can’t be bothered doing links right now – I have 1/3 of a fingerless mitt to go to have a new pair ready for my son before I go to bed tonight – but if you care to glance at my Flickr widget on the left, you will see the latest zinnia washer and the start of the Scarlet Woman cardi from Penni’s destashed Zara.

Such a long flight. Ah well, at least I can have knitting podcasts.

Blog you later!


4 thoughts on “Popping over to Perth

  1. Oh oh oh!! Say hello to Fi from The Labradors and me please!!! Hope you are not too jetlagged and overexcited: you know what children are like when that happens!!! Happy Tripping.

  2. Thank you girls! I had a great time, though my brain is a little flooded now…
    I am looking forward to seeing my hubby tonight, and hugging my kids tomorrow (I’m planning to taxi it home tonight, as 9pm is a little late for kiddiwinks)
    I’ll fill you all in on details later. 🙂

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