End-of-the-month financials

Not happy, Janet.

I’m about ready to go around putting timers on all light switches, and on tv/computer/stereo power cords too. This quarter’s power bill was large, and I want to know why we used almost half again as much power as the same time last year.
Then there was the health insurance (looking at the children’s teeth, there is no way I’m giving that one up), phone bills, internet, girls’ dancing, quite a lot of childcare, and we also did a few different things in the holidays, plus paid for a family trip to the mainland (going in 4 weeks), there was a (mercifully inexpensive) car issue in there, a trip to the camping shop (I am so glad it was all sale gear)…. and I no longer have any self-education or work-related expenses to claim on tax (work pays for anything I’d be likely to claim, eg assoc membership fees) so no tax return.


This being a grown-up has whiskers on it.

Where’s my knitting?

(did I mention yesterday’s haircut? while fabulous, I would not call it ‘cheap’)


8 thoughts on “End-of-the-month financials

  1. Ahh, the dreaded Hydro bill, I used a little less power but my bill was still ginormous. Makes me wonder why really, since we do use HYDRO power???
    Good luck with the cutbacks.
    Oh, I love a good haircut and you pay for what you get I think.

  2. Are you sure you used more power? Here in NSW, the power companies have jacked up the price by 21%. Our last bill was… ouch.

  3. I hate the Hydro – they rabbit about how we are the cheapest in Aus but it is NOT true – in Qld we had power connected when we built our house and we had to promise to 175 a quarter – and even with an electric pottery kiln, air con and leaving the lights on all the time we never even got close to using our minimum.

    I hate the hydro. but I sorta like that it is sometimes renewable (not lately – but after this winter it will be)

  4. Do you do this every month, or has it just jumped on you this month?
    I try not to think about how much everything costs but then I get the bills and I can’t pretend anymore…..

    At least you are happy with the haircut. I have given up on cheap cuts. I fork out for a good cut and then I don’t hate looking in the mirror until the next one!

    • No, just this month. The electricity bill was more than double the previous quarter’s, the health insurance is quarterly, girls’ dancing is start-of-term, plane tickets were a once-off. Just an unfortunate concatenation of fiscal circumstances! Usually I have a buffer that goes into the savings account. Goodbye buffer.

      A Knightly Knitter visit me in my castle @ https://knightlyknitter.wordpress.com/

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