So much for socks…

I pulled back the too-wide toe of my re-started Jitterbug, reduced by 8 stitches and got going again. I fear however that it is still not enough, and that I will have to reduce even further, and that when I do, the Jitterbug will start pooling terribly….

To console myself, last night I cast on a Zinnia washcloth in front of ‘You’ve Got Mail’. Perfect sooky evening – chick flick, rugged up on the sofa, computer and cuppa to hand, and a cotton flower unfurling on my needles. I will have an FO later today!

And this morning I pulled on my Alpine cardi – which is getting a lot of wear as the season changes – and decided that what I really need is another cropped cardi, in a lovely bright colour – say, red, perhaps the four balls of Zara that came home with me from Knit camp? and the winner is the little cardi homage to the Anthropolgie-Inspired Capelet. I’m going to stash-dive to see if I have a ball or two of something to make the contrasting ribbing – which of course will also ensure my four skeins go a little further!

Oh, such fun to have plans!!!

PS I flicked through ‘Greetings from Knit Cafe’ last night, and am rather taken by a few of the designs, but I have one query – how much does a normal horse’s saddle blanket cost? Because I’m thinking it would be less than the price of the charming little chevron number knit from FOURTEEN balls of Noro Kureyon!! As I said yesterday, that book is what my knitting life could be like if I were terribly rich, thin and way more stylish than my reality… 😛


5 thoughts on “So much for socks…

  1. That cloth is so cute, thanks for the link!! Ah that film :”You have mail” that’s what I call it!! Too many ‘gots’ for me.
    The cardigan will be perfect, and fast and it looks fabulous!!
    I agree about some patterns, I remember one cardigan, simple cardigan in a Vogue made in some kind of cashmere that would have cost $300 US money to make. Who can afford that???!!!

  2. Shame about the Jitterbug, I hope it works out for you, the washcloth is a lovely interim project though and the cropped cardi will look great!

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