Wild Knitting

I dropped in to the library this afternoon not really looking for anything much, but upon idly browsing through the craft shelves I found a stack of funky knitting titles – obviously someone has just returned them, so I’m feeling very lucky to have snaffled so many interesting things at once!

#1 Wild Tea Cosies by Loani Prior – I paged through this this afternoon and am itching to grab multiple strands of yarn and garter my way to a fabulous new tea cosy for my bigger teapot (and her blog is a hoot! Must add to my blogroll)

#2 Knitted Embellishments by Nicky Epstein – one of those books that you wander through, alighting here and there to exclaim “so that’s how you do it!”

#3 Greetings from Knit Cafe by Suzan Mischer – Sheer voyeuristic curiosity – what would knitting be like if I was rich, thin and ineffably stylish? (ha!)

#4 Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel – but really, how could I resist???

Now I have raging start-itis, but with so many many WIPs/UFOs I just can’t quite bring myself to cast-on. If only I can get a sock going I’m sure I’ll come good….


3 thoughts on “Wild Knitting

  1. Oh, pretty fabulous!! I OWN the Charmed Knits book, it was a present from MrsDrWho!! How lucky am I??
    The teacosy book is wonderful!! Don’t know the other two, but I will have to add them to my Wish list as my Holds list if full 😦
    Happy reading and knitting!!!

  2. I am a fan!!
    As I am a true tea addict, I was looking for knitting book for tea pot: not usual in France!! So this is a nice advice! I am looking forward of seeing your results with it!
    Kind regards..

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