So, ’tis the weekend, and blogging time again

And I don’t have cool pics (yet). Me as The Cat in The Hat is on the other computer (which wouldn’t turn on yesterday – wish me luck). New photo of red cabled Twist sleeve – slightly further along than where I discovered the error of my too-straight ways and ripped back – has not yet been taken. I am about to try on the cuff of my Sunday Swing, and consider its future – to rip or to hope for the best? No other knitting news, other than that there was no knitting this week.
Exercise – I had some yesterday. What with flus and bugs and weather and tiredness I haven’t been to yoga for three weeks and oh boy is my back letting me know. Yoga with bells on this week.
Baking – yum. There has been. Am planning more. Also planning more exercise to ameliorate the effects of enjoying baking.
Children. Planning to take them to the park in one of the predicted patches of sunshine. Also planning to leave them there should they choose to throw any more tantrums.
Hubby. Good.
Dogs. Need a bath.
Work. Busy. 5 school days left. Will shortly being to count hours left.
Wish me luck with knitting decisions and photos!


2 thoughts on “So, ’tis the weekend, and blogging time again

  1. Have fun knitting – yes – 5 days until I lose the occasional peace and quiet of days off

    off to sew in a zillion ends on tempest..sigh – and feed the squawking baby birds every time they open their mouths….

  2. so many exciting knitting things happening at your house!!! Far too cold and wet for dog baths here, we can just stand outside for a minute or so to get the same effect!! Happy Last week of School!!!

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