My Birthday Came Early!!!

Recently we have been looking at the state and effectiveness of some of our appliances – more or less 10yrs old, all of them – and thinking that it was time to replace them – hence the washing machine.

Yesterday the MOMD got his backdated pay increase, and took himself to the shops on the way home, where he bargained the local hardly normal down to matching the internet price of these beauties:

Look at what was inside the boxes!! So many gadgets!! I am going to have some fun cooking with these babies!!!


8 thoughts on “My Birthday Came Early!!!

  1. Calm down, kidlets – we have a Breville Cyclonic Whizz, purchased in:

    1 9 7 8 !!

    And believe you me, it has NOT been gathering dust all those years. It has been in regular use, and the Christmas cake I made one year that is dressed with a marzipan made of Macadamias should have killed it right off.

    And the Kenwood Mixer (aka the cement mixer) has been with us since l972, but has never had such frequent use as the Breville.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  2. I have the Kenwood food processor and I love it…in fact I have 2. One with all the gadgets and one base model less lid. Make sure the lid is on top shelf of the dishwasher.
    I use it for everything from smoothies to chopping onions and garlic.

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