Quince kisses, bubbles and toilet-seat discipline

Motherhood yesterday included speaking sternly to two of my children while enthroned, supervising the bubble-bath monsters, and getting quince-flavoured sticky kisses as the littlest one sat on my lap to eat her dessert.
The comparisons are bizarre.


2 thoughts on “Quince kisses, bubbles and toilet-seat discipline

  1. Love the cuffs – and that so sounds like our house – although it is the only door in the house Samuel can’t reach he stands outside and yells.


    Happiness is having the toilet to yourself.

  2. Sounds pretty normal for a house with kids, I’m sure they wait until you sit to start/continue acting up.

    I just had the not quite two year old quietly walk in grab my leg in a hug and then shuffle off outside again without a word/utterance/anything, just a sneaky hug, so sweet!

    Oh and who are the cuffs for???

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