Home, with a cold, again…

‘Tis the season.

I suppose I haven’t been particularly sick this year, but it feels like I’ve had a lot of time off because the kids had that tag-team domino-effect at the beginning of term. Jeremy has this grotty cold too, so we are taking turns with the tissue box every minute or so.

Ah well. Better an ordinary cold than hamthrax. (Which is still doing the rounds here in Tassie. About the third wave now?)

Since finishing my socks on Sunday I haven’t had much knitting time – maybe 80 sts on my Sunday Swing? I may give myself some lying-down-with-WIP time today – but there’s plenty of worky things to do to. And the toilet. And washing. And tidy kitchen. And make dinner.
Heck. Now I really feel tired.
Where’s the pseudo-ephedrine when you need it???


5 thoughts on “Home, with a cold, again…

  1. See, this is where the long-distance bloggy friend thing sucks. If we were local friends, I’d whip you up a casserole or some chicken soup or something (because as everyone knows, food = love). As it is, the best I can do is send anti-viral vibes through the aether.

    Feel better soon, lovey.

  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t well, is it a good thing you have company?? Hope you both recover speedily and that you get some knitting time in.

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