Nearly Spring

It’s still cold, and grey, and drizzly, but the plants seem to think that something better is coming:

And outside the post office:

I adore wattle – such delicate stamens creating the most incredible golden explosions!

Knitting: one toe away from a pair of socks! (pics later on, when the pair is done). Big Bag O’ Knittin’ ready for the car today – it’s Sunday Drive Time!! Cafe for morning tea and lunch (or possibly just lunch, given the less-than-rapid-pace of things this morning), pop into Port Arthur perhaps (if it isn’t raining over there – not likely), lots of car knitting, encouraging of quietness in the backseat (ha!), then home to compute.

Exercise: I climbed my hill again this morning, with DS in tow – well, alongside, then he fell behind, then he surged ahead, then he wandered around, then fell behind again by the end of things, puffed, then dashed to the finish line to beat me home. He’s 9. ‘Nuff said. There was gym on Mon and Wed, there may have been a short walk one morning, also some dashes to the shops – well, one was a dash and the other a dawdle, due to Miss 3 deciding to come too, but I did lots of carrying her across roads etc, so that counts as weight training, right?

Cardi time: I msut rip back the ribbing on my Something Navy, and fix that so I can finish it. Also I want to start Twist, but am thinking of teaching myself to purl continental (I can already knit continental) to even out the strain when I am knitting the swathes of stocking stitch – I get a few twinges in my elbow after an hour of sock-knitting 🙂

Ok, sounds like the fambly are ready to go – I’d best find my shoes!

PS would you like a picture of my fab new reading glasses?


4 thoughts on “Nearly Spring

  1. Have a lovely day – I am having a convalescent day with both sets of grandparents on the in-between-birthdays weekend – LOL – excuse me while I take to my bed again – your day sound lots more fun!

    And you have been so good!

  2. The second picture (wattle you say?) is awesome! What a cool plant. And I would like to see the new glasses, especially if they are blinging 🙂

  3. Wow! The Daffs and Wattle are stunning – we don’t have anything like those sorts of displays here yet!

    Yes, I want to see the socks, also the new specs.

    Good work on all the exercise. I think perhaps it’s time I started to tackle my own hill again. Fortuitously, a good friend of mine has just bought a house near the top of same, so I forsee many visits in the future.

    Hope your Sunday Drive was both fun and productive.


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