Busy weekend; fair bit of knitting, LOTS of washing with my new machine, certain amount of housework, lots of research and planning for a work project.
And some swatching. Lovely, lovey Bendigo yarns. One square of tweedy green and one of ruby red, knitted while reading various articles, thrown in the wool wash and dried on the rack with all my socks. Silly me forgot to measure the tensions before washing, but I know what needles I used and my tension doesn’t vary much unless I’m in the grip of Rage Knitting. Measuring fun tonight!
Oh, and because it was Sunday, last night I cast on Sunday Swing (check socks with Jitterbug in Jay. Twisted German cast-on, 60cm 2.5mm KP needles, error about 20 sts into first round, discovered at 63 stitches (ie one stitch before the end of the round.

Time to go and ablute, ready for a hectic day at work.
Ta ta!


3 thoughts on “Swatching

  1. Glad you managed some swatching time – I spent most of the weekend being supermother, guardian of the Guinea pig and provider of birthday parties and cakes. The most I could manage was a small amount of stocking stitch!

  2. Hooray for a washing machine that does the job! Interesting pattern for the socks, simple, yet enough to keep track of so you don’t get bored. I have been knitting lots of little socks, perfecting my short row heels! I think they will be the “left in the car” project for doing whenever, as they are now automatic pilot. Must find something else to knit for at home….

  3. I shan’t be managing much tonight – I’m utterly zonked! A little almost-stockingstitch socking will be about my limit – and once this cuppa’s gone, I’m offski!
    Yay for your short rows, Leonie. What a *terrible* position to be in, having to find something new to knit – oh dear, what a shame, can I help in any way with this terrible dilemma???

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