I am a minor deity

Because yesterday I tackled my hill.

When I decided to make this hill my challenge, a few months ago, I had to stop halfway and gasp for breath. After a month or so of a couple of walks a week I could make it to the walkway two-thirds of the way up without seeing interesting spots in front of my eyes. Yesterday morning I got up to the walkway and just kept going. Right around the hill, into the next suburb. Time to turn around and come home. And instead of taking the nice flat walkway, I went up. Up and over. Proof: the trig station at the top. The fabulous view.

Tinkingbell and KissMyFrog have shown some amazing get-up-and-go since they decided to join gyms, and then Weight Watchers, and seeing the regular proof of how well their weight-loss efforts are going has renewed my determination NOT to subside into the heart-disease playground of a body that my love of good food, nice wine and fine chocolate could so easily create.

To ensure that tomorrow I will feel really stiff, I went to the gym this afternoon. The nice young lass helped me plan out a new weights and abs program. There were lunges, and squats, and tricep lifts, and bicep curls, and chin ups, and a new and entirely hellish activity called ‘The Hover’. I know I’m going to love myself for this come Christmas – when I will achieve full Goddess-hood upon buying size 12 pants in I’m-Not-Even-Going-To-Think-About-How-Long. Till then I will remind myself every day that a little exercise does a lot of good, that I do not need a biscuit with every cup of tea, that not taking chocolate to work is a Good Idea, and that I should respect my own efforts.

Goddesshood, here I come!


6 thoughts on “I am a minor deity

  1. cheers to that. I am joining WW this week to help out with the cardio I’ve been doing, and slowly getting better at.

    Much may we achieve!

  2. and your dei-ilicious name is…

    Congrats on meeting the challenge, and persevering with the goal of scaling (mounting sounded wrong, LOL) that hill. Next thing you’ll be reporting you ran up and down it 3 times!

    Respect for your own efforts is a powerful thinng.

    How about using the amazing resources at your disposal and coming up with an appropriate dei-ilicious name for you to be crowned with at Christmas???

  3. Hooray! Good for you, chick – keep it up and we’ll be able to fit twice as many of us in the Hustler street house next year, because we’ll all be half the size we used to be!

  4. What she said!

    I bow before both your brilliance and perseverance!

    I have only been to the gym3 times since returning – and it was raining stairrods on sunday so I piked on the walk/run

    However we maybe roadtripping in your general direction come the september hols – so I’ll need to have room for choccy and red!

  5. Thank you ladies!! I would be feeling really empowered right now if it weren’t for the dull aching in my thighs that turns into a deep ouch whenever I try to stand up from a chair…

    As for Dr Bones’s suggestion – hmm, a glorious goddess-like name… shall have to ponder that for a while…

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