Home, sick

Yes, that’s right. Once The Big Day was over and done with, I went to bed early and woke up with a cold. Not entirely unexpected, what with 10% or more of the school population away with “flu-like symptoms”, and at least another 10% sharing winter germs around the school. I am determined not to become really ill though, because I’m danged if I’ll forfeit my plane ticket and Bendi plans!! So I am home coddling myself with tea and rugs and soup and a snooze planned for after lunch. I may even knit in front of a dvd.

You’d probably like to see some knitting, wouldn’t you?

Ribby man shows Rabobank a half-done Argosy

Ribby man shows Rabobank a half-done Argosy

Would you like a picture of the author who visited on Monday? Yes?

Kate and Andy G

Mega Bonus Points to the first commenter to correctly identify this famous Aussie children’s author ( and handmade stitch-markers in your choice of colours)

PS I just put on The Holiday. Any bets on my chances of resisting the Fireside Cardi (Rav link) any longer????


5 thoughts on “Home, sick

  1. Already knew it was Andy so congrats to Leeanne! Glad you survived Monday, but it really sucks that you are now unwell. Sending you healing thoughts.

  2. yay Leeanne!! Yes, it was Andy Griffiths!! Writer of some of the most creative silliness ever to entice reluctant readers into the library – great to meet him. I love my job!

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