I’m still here!

Apologies; I’ve been a little preoccupied with work stuff recently, which has impacted rather negatively on my knitting/blogging time.
Knitting: bugger-all. A few rows on my conference socks, and finally enough rows on the cuff to bind off my brother’s Knucks. If I can find the instructions.
Reading: ‘Terrier’, and then ‘Bloodhound’, by Tamora Pierce. Decent fantasy fiction, not too intricate for shattered brain.
Work: V V busy. Hugely popular Australian children’s author is doing a booklaunch at my school on Monday, so I’ve been waking up at 5am thinking of everything I haven’t done yet. Also my library tech was away sick for three days this week, which did not do me any favours in the ‘calm, stress-free work environment’ stakes. And my desk is a mess, enough that I plan to go to work tomorrow (Sunday) to clean it off – for those of you who have seen my standards (ha!) of tidiness, you must be having visions of tottering towers of junk 3 feet high. Not that far off the mark, actually.
Current fantasy: cabled, deep-collared aran-weight cabled cardi. Intensive searching of knitting mag collection and of Ravelry database. I’ve narrowed it down to about twenty.
Exercise: not enough. Yoga on Wed, walk this morning – and does washing the dogs count? Or is that only resistance training rather than an aerobic workout?
Family: pretty much recovered from The Virus of The Month, although prone to overtiredness a little earlier than usual.
Dogs: unhappy about being washed, but thrilled to be allowed inside this afternoon in their no-pong state.
Food: few exciting cooking events recently; see first statement.
Weather: cold, frosts one morning in three, some drizzle most days, very conducive to wearing of handknits.
Finances: about to be diminished by purchase of new washing machine (after 11 years, the Hoover has decided not to unwind; ie the agitator no longer moves in both directions, so most of the clothing ends up maypoling around it, stretched and not spun dry) – aren’t we glad that we both have some savings put aside for rainy days? I am deeply thankful that we both have good jobs with decent incomes, and well aware of our good fortune. Also, because I had savings, I will be taking a shopping list with me to Bendigo next week, and will undoubtedly be playing with the calculator on my phone as I check yardage and prices on the goodies available.

Um, nothing else of particular interest; perhaps it is time for another glass of fine wine (for the locals: Red Earth Margaret River 2007 Cabernet Blend. Opened yesterday night, yummy enough then, but tonight it is as soft as soft can be….)

Ok, ramble time is over. Will add pics when not so realxed – I mean tipsy.


3 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. Ooh, who’s the author? Or is it a great secret?

    And re: the cardi, it just so happens that I know of a pattern that is V.V. lovely. Barring horrible seaming disasters tomorrow (knock wood, light a candle, spin three times widdershins), you can try it on at Bendi!

    Washing machine: if you buy a front-loader, make sure that it spins WITHOUT spraying water everywhere. Mine doesn’t, and I had a felting accident with a superwash(!) jumper of Zac’s. Now all knitwear gets rolled up in a towel and stomped on.

    See you soon (I have the chocolate, just have to go through the wine-stash). 😀

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