don’t bother me, I’m reading

tired, kaput, all-in, weary, knackered – the only thing left is to take my book to bed and read. My brother can wait one more day for his gloves, I’ll unpack the dishwasher in the morning, and work can wait.
I’m halfway through “Terrier”, by Tamora Pierce, which I read a while ago, but yesterday at the book shop it was there, with the sequel, and Cindy 2paw had been saying she was reading it, and I couldn’t resist. Such a fun ride.


2 thoughts on “don’t bother me, I’m reading

  1. Love them both – and have re-read the first – any book by Tamora (or Ursula le Guin – just found a new series of hers – Gifts, Voices and Powers -) is worth the time and the journey!

  2. I think there is nothing more refreshing than taking to one’s bed with a good book! Thanks for the recommendation ~ I’ll have to find a copy. =]

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