In Training for the Tour de France

The TdF Knitalong, that is! This year I shall enter the Pois Rouges category, which is the WIP marathon. The fact that I have enough WIPs to participate in this event will come as no surprise to my knitting friends, who seem to get a lot of fun from asking after the whereabouts/progress of various items started, blogged and never seen again.

A quick dig through a couple of bags has produced:

Argosy: needs needles and the pattern. Nearly half done.

Child’s socks: needs fourth needle and attention. Honestly, this shouldn’t take long, but it is 2 years and counting.

Conference socks: recent, therefore not so shameful.

MOMD socks: I have done two rounds this morning. Now I remember why (hairy, scratchy, stringy, 80sts around) I haven’t touched them for five months.

Something Navy: have to rip back the ribbing to the boobline. I’m not using cotton, and the Silkroad Aran Tweed absolutely needs a smaller needle for the ribbing – I did it for the arms and was much happier. So, deep breath, I’ll fix the waist ribbing too.

Salida socks: I need a longer circ needle. The small one is driving me nuts.

6 items is plenty for a training schedule don’t you think?


PS I forgot to mention my brother’s Knucks. One done (barring ends), one to go. It took visits to three shops to find one ball of black 8ply Cleckheaton. What is the world coming to???


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