How bizarre…

It started out find and sunny today, despite the prediction of fog for this morning. I put out washing and more washing, and opened all the windows to air out the house.
About 15 mins ago I looked out the window and it’s all hazy between here and the hill – maybe a kilometre away. I look out the back and see clouds rolling up from the south – which they don’t do, 99% of the time. In the time it took me to bring in all the washing the sky has clouded over and there is fog rolling across my suburb, and the view across the river to Mt Wellington does not include Mt Wellington.

No Mountain

No Mountain

There should be a mountain behind that orange house to the left, and more hills visible between the trees in the centre of the pic.
Fog rolling in at half-past-two.
Must be winter.


2 thoughts on “How bizarre…

  1. We’ve had some weird fog behaviour here, too. On Monday, driving over to Orange for TAFE, the fog lay across the road in stripes. Seriously – thick, I-can-barely-see-past-the-bonnet-of-my-car fog for a kilometre or two, alternating with bright winter sunshine for three or four k’s all the way into Orange. Truly, deeply weird.

  2. We apparently had a cloudless sky at 6am [don’t open my eyes at that time of morning]. By 8am it was black! 10am saw torrential rain. Noon brought sun and the afternoon saw unseasonable temps of 21*C! Weird! Even for winter!!

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