Finally! Something worth blogging!

Guess what I finished?? (Excuse grotty hair, tired eyes and saggy jeans – just focus on the knitting, ok?)

Liesl cardigan, by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Patons Jet, from stash, originally bought at Spotties in Wagga, NSW, when quite pregnant and therefore not actually responsible for rash decisions to buy 12 or so balls of 10ply, hairy, variegated yarn in order to make a Very Harlot Poncho. Possibly 6 balls used. I may have to weigh to be sure.

Needles: KP Harmony circ 7mm, long cable – sleeves were magic looped.

Modifications: garter ridges stopped after the bust – from examples given on Ravelry where the ridges stopped after the yoke, but I was in the zone…

Also from Rav suggestions the garter cuff and hem; I tried the picot hem and did not like it at all. I didn’t even bother speed-blocking to see if it would stop flaring. Ripped and reknit and much happier.

Lastly I didn’t like the cast-on edge of the neckline – too taut or something, so I picked out one strand of the long-tail cast-on (not as bad as it sounds) and knitted two garter ridges and a purl bind-off to match the cuffs and hem. I am pleased with this alteration, and have worn my cardi since finishing it at 9pm last night. (Except not in bed, or the shower.)

Verdict: very soft, light and warm; INCREDIBLY fast pattern to knit, but it is destined to be a casual item – not sleek enough for work. I haven’t washed it yet and it sheds like a mangy pekinese.


5 thoughts on “Finally! Something worth blogging!

  1. Try it in cotton – I did mine in cotton fleece and it looks lovely and spiffy – but yours is so pretty – maybe it won’t shed so much after a wash…..

  2. Merci beaucoup, tout le monde!

    I don’t know whether I’ll make it again, me having something of a short attention span (Ah, it’s done. NEXT!), but it is certainly very nice.
    And I like it with mods better than straight – but in a cotton those things mightn’t have bothered me.

    Only time will tell….
    (And to wash it I’d have to take it off – oh no!!)

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