World Wide Knit In Public Day – Ross, Tasmania

We had a lovely time, ensconced in the Museum part of the Tasmanian Wool Centre in Ross. It was a little dim, the lighting is kept low for the heritage exhibits, and every so often someone would get up and go over to a spotlit area with their sock or glove and count stitches in the light.

A selection of knitters

A selection of knitters

We had quite a lot of people, some from Launceston, some from Swansea, some local ladies from Ross, and a fair posse from Hobart and the Huon Valley. Phezzit brought two tubs of hand-dyed yarn and roving – I’m sure they were much lighter on the way home!
oooo, pretty!

oooo, pretty!

There were lots of different projects on the go; I made a garter square for the ABS Knit-In, then started the second sleeve of my Liesl (It lacks about 3 inches to done-ness! I just have to unravel a bit from a UFO, and it’s all ready to wear tomorrow!). There were socks, child vests, child jackets, cardigans, shawls, a blanket, and a variety of handknits on display – two February Lady Cardigans in use, and one in progress; an Owl jumper modelled by AmandaJ, A gorgeous purple Mr Greenjeans shown off by Kattwings, there were garter stitch, stocking stitch, cables, lace…. and Eternal Knitter brought a couple of shawls for us to worship – see her Frost Flowers shawl!
Isnt this jsut breathtaking????

Isn't this jsut breathtaking????

There were cups of tea, and lemonade scones (must go make some!!), and substantial lunch at the pub (very relaxed knitting afterwards, lit by the rosy glow of a stubby of dry cider – yummmmm), and no interest in the grey and gloomy winter’s day outside. We made new friends, and met old ones; we revitalised at least two older ladies’ interest in knitting – I taught Robyn, next to me, the long tail cast on for her new moss stitch scarf, and I know both she and her friend Jan went home with new needles and some of Phezzit’s gorgeous yarn! The manager of the centre, Deb, enthusiastically invited us to come again, and I am sure we will take her up on that! It was lovely fun, and really re-charged my mental batteries to get out of the house and do something fun and creative that had absolutely nothing ot do with work or family commitments.
I hope you had fun wherever you were, and be sure to link to any posts or pics you have of your WWWKIP – even if it was at home on the lounge!


6 thoughts on “World Wide Knit In Public Day – Ross, Tasmania

  1. Had a great day over here on the other side of the pond. Quick writeup on my blog. So lovely to have an afternoon without the kids!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely WWKiP Day! I fianlly put up pictures on my blog of our little gathering from the weekend. Even though we are half a world away our public knitting was pretty much the same!

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