New phone, new sock

I bought a new phone yesterday, so I’m having fun learning to use the touchscreen, entering ph no.s and playing with the 5megapixel camera – just hang on a sec while I figure out how to bluetooth a picture to mycomputer, and I’ll show you my new working-on-the-computer-sock – finding bluetooth – check the manual – send – accept – et voila!

Plain sock for computer work

Plain sock for computer work

I started it yesterday while waiting for a verdict on my car, then ribbed while having a meeting over cuppas, then ribbed and started the plain leg while watching a slideshow about China at an engineer’s dinner last night. The man next to me thought it was quite amusing πŸ™‚
And my phone is a Samsung F480, in a metallic pink (I figure it will never be mistaken for a students’ phone!)
Oops, there goes the bell – mandarin yoghurt cake needs to come out of the oven… mmm, nice smells…. citrusy baking….. (are you drooling yet? No? need a photo?)
mmm, cake....

mmm, cake....


6 thoughts on “New phone, new sock

  1. I need a new phone too and was checking that one out in the JB HiFi catalogue this morning. Do you like it?

  2. A crackup? Absolutely! Enjoy the phone, I’m assuming we will get more photos over the coming days as you play with your new toy!

  3. Maybe just crackers?? :>
    Cake was gifted to the daycare lady this morning – she babysits for us on the rare evenings when we go out, and refuses to accept payment. I’m plotting a washcloth for her too!

  4. Andrew has the same phone, only black (the chicky at the Telstra shop offered him the pink option, but he went with the black anyway). He loves it to bits, and I got to have his old phone as a replacement for my annoyingly-not-as-good-as-my-old-CDMA phone. Happy all ’round.

    Cake looks delicious – I can almost smell it from here. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m techno-iginorant. Does that mean you can send photos to your computer without plugging the phone in manually?

    I think I want that!!

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