Back from our travels

Well hello there, it’s been a little while!

We had a nice little trip away, despite the wintry weather, and managed to keep everyone reasonably well amused with paper-making, platypus-spotting, and Big Penguin-posing.

I got quite a lot of car-knitting done, such that my sock only needs a toe, and my cardi needs a sleeve (‘twould be done had I been able to count a four-row repeat in the round, but hey, I was on holidays).

Unfortunately, I have a presentation deadline to meet by tonight, so whilst I am here at the keyboard, I cannot let myself play with photos etc just yet, nor can I spend an hour on my sock. The fact that hubby has wandered off to Kempton (one? two? hours away) to help our neighbour push a car (yes, really), leaving me with two of three children, is not helping my work output.

More T2 Afternoon Tea, Vivani Orange Organic Dark Chocolate, and study music required. With luck, I will resurface victoriously tomorrow.

Knit for me. I must live vicariously.

(except for that little garter-stitch mug-cosy I whipped up today. I am so tired of tea that is cold halfway down the mug)


3 thoughts on “Back from our travels

  1. I’m knitting while blog reading with two small kids asleep (one sick) and the tomato sauce for the cannelloni cooking on the stove. Don’t ask about the washing, it’s raining outside! But I’m working on the scarf in my last blog post. Live vicariously!!!

  2. Welcome home.

    Your tea cosy for a mug sounds like a cute idea – look forward to seeing pics of that and your hols!

  3. I’ve had the sick child, the cooking, the mug cosy, the hours of typing on the computer, and I’ve also had the grafting of the toes – thanks for the finishing vibes!

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