Making progress in the holidays

Thanks go to Bells for the inspiration for this technique; she blogged about needing some kind of structure to make best use of her week off, and heaven knows I need a little planning if I’m going to have the slightest chance of achieving some of my holiday goals. To follow in her glorious footsteps I am going to divvy up each days’ doings thusly: Housewifery, I Get Paid For This, Mind-Expansion, Get Gorgeous and Fun.

So far today I have delved into:

  • Get Gorgeous: early morning walk, ten mins up a vertical damn hill and ten mins recovering all the way back to buy the milk
  • Housewifery: lunchboxes; washing on, out, in and away again; dinner (hereafter)
  • I Get Paid For This: two hours at work today sorting through piles of paper/brochures/students’ worksheets/what-the??, plus two extra bags of things lugged home for homework
  • Fun: plenty of knitting on the four buses DS and I caught today, at the busstops, and some in the nice bookshop cafe this morning. No doubt there will be more tonight.

So, judging by that list, I now have to pull out some of the things I brought home that fall into the Mind-Expansion category, and also spend some time on some homework for a conference in two weeks. I’m contemplating fitting in another walk, this time with the dogs, if I can get dinner things organised enough so that I can set out as soon as hubby gets home – if I wait till after dinner it won’t happen (witness last night).

As for the aforementioned holiday goals, they could be roughly described as:

  • getting term 2 planned, and tidying up the paperwork from term 1;
  • getting my conference stuff in order this week;
  • do a little reorganising around the house;
  • make time for exercise every day – there’s been a lot of baking going on recently;
  • tackle a variety of knitting projects large and small, and see how many I can finish without doing myself a damage.

I have the knitting plans well in hand, am making a go of the exercise plans, will work on the house stuff when I need to procrastinate about the work stuff, and am going to have a red-hot go at the conference stuff tomorrow, as it is getting kind of urgent.

Gosh, just thinking about it is tiring, without adding in the children and hubby and plans to go for a little trip next week and catching up with folks and standard Wed night yoga…

I think I’ll have a little rest for a while 🙂


2 thoughts on “Making progress in the holidays

  1. Good God. I inspired you to turn into a crazy goal achieving machine!!

    good luck with all that. I admire your drive!

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