I must be on holidays

because I forgot to blog on the weekend!!!

On Saturday, there was this:

Red double flower washcloth

Red double flower washcloth

Yvonne’s Double Flower Washcloth from the Dishcloth Boutique, 4.5mm dpns with Lion Cotton. Such a lovely quick knit (1 day, despite the best efforts of my children), and thick and squooshy. A friend form work has been giving me lifts home whilst my car is out of action, so gifting is planned.

Then yesterday I fell victim to the temptations of Ravelry, and as I trawled through projects I found two which had slightly modified the Liesl pattern, and fell deep into cast-on-itis. Stash tossing resulted in the Neverending Jet Stash, and this evening I am about to complete the yoke and separate for the sleeves.

Today I had all three children at home, as both daughters have an unattractive cold which I cannot bring myself to inflict upon either DD#1’s school or DD#2’s daycare. This meant there was no paid work, little housework, some baking (of which more anon), plenty of refereeing, lots of food-arranging, and some computing and knitting. I hope to have one child only tomorrow, and if so will take he and I off to work for to tackle the frightening state of my office.

This may interfere with knitting goals.

Oh, and for those wondering about my fickle knitting flibbertigibbeting? I am psyching myself up to rip back all the ribbing on the body of my Somethign Navy – it really needs to be done on a smaller needle size, and I haven’t got time to indulge in any more knitterly denial. I want that cardi to be lovely and tailored and spiffy.

So now I’m going to go back to work on my Liesl.



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