Murphy’s Monday

Today was one of those days where I woke too early, stone-cold cups of tea had to be thrown out and made anew, getting anywhere was niether simple nor efficient, students were perverse, the internet was slow, and technology did not wish to work – and whatever the list of instructions I gave to the new cleaner, ‘please clean the toilet’ can’t have been one of them. I dare not touch any knitting whatsoever, because it would surely be AUBAR – arsed up beyond all recognition. Only the Yarn Harlot can bring me solace now.

Murphy, I dedicate this Monday to you.


3 thoughts on “Murphy’s Monday

  1. Oh hugs – days like that set out to destroy you – the only way to get through is to drink – coffee, tea milo will almost work, but nothing beats the solace of enormous quantities of wine!

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