Snorkel Hockey

There would have been a new game invented today, and it would have been called Snorkel Hockey.

(Image via Wikimedia Commons, CC licensed; edited with Pixlr)

The rain bucketed down all night, and we lay in bed this morning listening to the wind throwing water at the windows and trying to work out what the fields would look like by 11 am if school hockey went on as per usual. We decided that whilst skiing and aquaplaning across the top of the mud would be entirely possible, the weight of the hockey balls would cause them to sink below the surface – and ta da! Snorkel Hockey is born!!!
Thankfully hockey was cancelled, so I didn’t have to scour the local sports stores for diving equipment.

And for today’s knitting trivia: the Bernat Wrap-ghan.
I want to know what you do when you have to get up to refill your cuppa….


5 thoughts on “Snorkel Hockey

  1. Yep, looks like you could walk in it but does it have a back? Or would you get all chillly when you stood up?

    Home with the knitting is better than hockey with a snorkel, I think!

  2. Daughter-in-law used to play grade hockey in Sydney. Picture for yourself. Wide, open, flat space surrounding ground. Wet hockey ground for grade play. Very tall metal lighting towers.

    Add in one amazing thunderstorm and a stupid ref who would not call game off. As one, the players walked off the field, both teams. They were used to playing on in rain, but a thunderstorm with lightning and those surroundings? Madness.

    As for that knit gown… I’d better begin it now for a couple of winters down the track. Looks like lots of fairly boring knitting and absolutely masses of wool to be bought.

    I bought a Sunbeam heated throw rug. Works like an electric blanket but goes over you like a rug. It’s plush and warm, even without being turned on. It can even go on the top of a bed like a quilt. Instant gratification and probably cheaper than all that yarn too.

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