Too tired, too relaxed…

Hi folks,

it’s Friday night, and I may have had one glass too many of white wine this evening, because I do not seem to be able to make a decision (Clapotis? Something Navy? Cast on a new sock??) and stick to it. I’ve been surfing around a few blogs, poking around the forums in Rav, checking out a bit of this and a bit of that, but unable to sit down and do anything constructive.

The cumulative tiredness of various late nights and a long term are not helping either.

Maybe I should give up and take a cuppa to bed.

BTW have you seen the ads on tv for the next Doctor Who series? Can’t be more than a month away – oooh, the anticipation!! And then there’s Castle (Ten? TDT?) – I’ve heard good things about that series too – perhaps there will be a tv programming renaissance? It certainly wouldn’t hurt, during the long winter nights in Tassie… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Too tired, too relaxed…

  1. Hi K! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We´ll be waiting for you here in Argentina – or maybe Portugal?

    Have a good weekend!

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