I swatched, I frogged, I dreamed..

Today was a work day (astonishing, isn’t it? Monday of all days!!) so there was no relaxing on the lounge. I was reading Leonie’s blog this morning before work though, and couldn’t help wanting to follow her lead, so I grabbed a ball of Nundle 12ply and my Knitpicks pack, and faced the day ready to swatch should the opportunity arrive.
I now have an inch of ribbing and some st st to show that the chosen needles (4.5mm I think) are not quite small enough – I think the fabric would pull the stitches open too much, a little too ‘hand-made’ in appearance, so I’ll try again on 4mms.

Frogging would be the sad sad sock; it is now unravelled back to about row 10 of the first repeat of the leg. sigh. I’m hoping other swatching will bring back the small needle mojo.

Dreaming – that would be dreaming of a night without tantys, dreaming of blissful hours of leisure after small people go to sleep, dreaming of lessons that magically prepare themselves, dreaming of sleeping so well that waking up refreshed and rejuvenated is not a titillating fantasy…
and dreaming of what fun I will have making all the wonderful things I have in my mental knitting queue, and dreaming of what to do in the holidays, and dreaming of new friends to make…
‘Twas a day, and what I take away from it is up to me, so now I choose to take possibilities, ready to act on them – tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “I swatched, I frogged, I dreamed..

  1. Oh yes, small children and lesson preparation are a cocktail for sleepless nights!!

    I wish your term flies and the holidays go slowly!

  2. I’m thinking a vest – I have eight balls of Nundle 12ply in purple, violet, brown and royal blue, so I’m checking gauge/tension, and perhaps the leftovers vest from Knitty last (?) year will be a good bet.

  3. Hey cool, I’m assuming that’s me and so happy to be the source of someone’s inspiration, goodness only knows most of the time I can’t even inspire myself LOL!!

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