I bought no yarn today

While not really terribly unusual – I don’t actually purchase as much yarn as my fevered imagination dreams of possessing – this is worthy of note because today I met a friend in town to choose yarn for a project for her, which of course involved considering almost every ball displayed in You-Know-Spot. Including the rather more fetching range of colourways in the MV sock yarn (now called ‘Noir’, though why they called it ‘black’ I have no idea, especially since the ball I was holding was lime green and purple self-striping). There were yellow discount tags all over the place, and some not too bad things there (long colour-change purple-to-crimson wool-silk, anyone?), but I walked out no poorer than when I entered. My friend Em (she’s new to Rav – waqem) bought some bamboo/cotton to make a tunic dress, and we went off to find a cuppa to revive ourselves after all those yarn fumes.

I suppose I should add a disclaimer – I had two very powerful circumstances in my favour.

  1. if I don’t buy any yarn before July 17th, I will have lots more money to spend at Bendi.
  2. I forgot my purse.

I had to raid hubby’s coin stash to feed the parking meter and buy my cuppa. Not much room for a cardi’s worth of yarn in a fistful of change.


3 thoughts on “I bought no yarn today

  1. Oh well done (I bought 2 balls at agfest – but gained bonus points for not bringing home 2 alpacas!)

    Like the sound of the lime green/purple self stripe – and am sure I would have bought the wool silk!

  2. Did you notice that the ‘Noir’ is $5 more per ball this year than last [now same price as L**craft] and it isn’t any softer!? I don’t know why ythey would call it ‘Black’ either.

    Hope you enjoy Bendi – there are lots of delicious yarns to see and feel and smell and even buy!

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