Fancy a little lace?

Berlin Muster socks are done!!!

Berlin Muster socks are done!!!

Guess what I wore to work today…

Berlin Muster (pdf link)

Grey Patonyle, 2.5mm Harmony dpns, women’s medium.

Eye of Partridge heel, wide toe from Knitting Vintage Socks

Only quibble is that the lines of k2tog and ssk along the edges of the flowers pull in a little tight across the front of the ankle, but I think that will even out with a few wearings and washes.

Overall, though, a fun challenge, and seriously fancy for a plain grey pair of socks!


3 thoughts on “Fancy a little lace?

  1. Hey cool socks! The only socks I have made for me, which I seriously love, can’t be worn with shoes as they are a little loose. They are great for around the house and in bed though! I am truly in awe of yours.

  2. Somehow I can’t hear students saying ‘way cool’ [since to be cool seems to be ‘no socks’] but I think they’re very pretty.

  3. Thank you! I may have imagined the ‘way’ but my hair is definitely ‘cool’ 🙂
    And of course, having finished these, I immediately printed off three new sock patterns, completely ignoring the presence of at least 3 socky WIPs :>

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