Inelegant and Undignified: soundtrack to my day.

I came home sick today, after an hour and a half at work.
The problem?
Burping. Constantly.
To give you the complete picture (no, not stereophonic You Tube proof of my condition) I must reveal, without delving into unwelcome details, that there have been a number of students and staff going home ill with a stomach bug. I was disinclined to a) share my probable germs with everyone and b) burp (at thirty second intervals) my way through recess, two yr 5 lessons, lunch, and another lesson (yr 3). I spent most of the day on this lounge chair, providing my own intestinal counterpoint to the rustling pages of “How To Break your Own Heart” by Maggie Alderson.
Obviously, after yesterday’s episode of self-indulgent pathos, the Fates decided to take on the role of exasperated parent: “You want to whinge? I’ll give you something to whinge about!!”
At least tonight I have half a chance of finishing the toe of my sock (I don’t want to sound too confident – the Fates might be reading my blog again…)


4 thoughts on “Inelegant and Undignified: soundtrack to my day.

  1. Yurk – but it would have provided such entertainment for the boys at school!

    There is obviously something in the water – 5 boys from Sian’s grade 1 class went to the principal yesterday after a raid to try and discover what secrets the girls’ toilet held, and one of the girls punched one of the boys and she went too – something in the water…..

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