Where’s my blogging mojo gone?

[Postscript at the start, because now I feel better. The following post could perhaps be considered to be a self-indulgent whinge, wherein I go on at length about how bleh things are when really my life is wonderful, my family are safe and healthy, worse things happen at sea, my stash is fabulous, I had a s’n’b this weekend, plus a visit to the foreshore and a picnic lunch today, and apparently it was only that one bottle fo Fifth Leg that was a problem, because this glass of wine is not causing me any probs at all. Let’s just say that sometimes you have to have a bit of a whine until you start realising what a dork you sound like and get over it. So, now I’m over it, you don’t have to read on unless you want to feel superior, or perhaps empathise if you are having one of those days too.]

I frequently read about someone who has lost their knitting mojo, or their sock mojo, or their {insert specific project/technique/fibre here} mojo. Work and housework mojos are never mentioned – probably because we all know that claiming to have had a mojo for either in the first place would have caused a flurry of disbelief all over the blogosphere. I never had much of a housework mojo – enough to keep the clothes clean and put away, the floor gets washed before small children stick to it, and the bathroom does not usually wear the mould equivalent of the Milky Way. I do have a work mojo, (stop snickering!!!), though I’m not so totally work focussed as to check my work email every evening; I just mean that I really like most parts of my job, it is fun and interesting and varied enough to be different every day – on some days it is completely unpredictable, with lessons and breaks providing fresh waves of variety, each of those bringing between 20 and 80 students to my library – you can see the potential for a lack of boring, not to mention cacophony, chaos and chortling. (Kids are pretty funny) That said, I, like the rest of the school, am starting to count down the days till the autumn hols (19), and am looking forward to not needing to iron unless I want to.

My blogging mojo is also suffering a little – oh, hadn’t you noticed???? Yes, my wit, my keen observation of the peculiar details of life, my eloquent philosophising…(sip of red wine here, fortify myself for the howls of mirth echoing through the cyberverse)…recently these have been remarkable for their absence. It’s not like I haven’t been knitting – the hat and cardi of the previous post are proof of that! And I have plenty of other stuff going on – but maybe that’s the problem. There’s a bit over here and a bit over there (cue Playschool chorusline), and lots of little bits that I’d like to get around to, but just not enough hours in the day.

For instance  – work has been very busy, and will be again this week, in a productive way, but that isn’t very interesting for my knitting friends. Also, I have been informed that I do not live in a danger zone for heavy metals in the soil, so yes I can grow luxurious leafy greens. This I learned once it was a month or so too late to plate most winter veges. (Own fault – I’d been meaning to chase this up for a while). And the phone/internet bills! Not excess use, just the packages! Choosing a different ISP has been on the list since 2008, and yet still I haven’t quite gotten to it. Last night the MOMD and I went to a Trivia Quiz night and continued our history of success by contributing to our table winning the evening – why hasn’t the glow lasted longer??? And I worked on my sock during the evening, hubby’s hockey friends being quite used to my knitting by now. The sock in question is my Berlin Muster #2 – I am now on the foot, and four inches from a new pair of socks. There has been some fudging, so these will not be prize-winning socks, but I’m not bothered enough to rip out back to the beginning of the heel and recentre it like I did for sock #1. So while I’m pleased with them and looking forward to wearing them, there is a small amount of dissatisfaction with their imperfections. Once they are on my feet and peekign out of my shoes I’m sure I won’t give a flying fruit of any description, so I’m not going to waste time agonising over it.

Maybe I need to take a cue from Bells and commit to a post-per-day for a month – although I missed the first of the month I think…

Maybe I need to commit to posting on my work blog, to get some of my work stuff out of my head and free up some of the mental equivalent of RAM for use on more entertaining subjects.

Maybe I need to go for a walk every morning and get to the gym twice a week (which I’ve missed for two weeks due to Sydney and a work social drinkies) to get rid of the physical blahs.

Maybe I just need to stop yakiing and get on with it.

Oh, and as an extra, I am very glad not to be the person stuck in the bathroom with Miss V. She is objecting most strenuously, vocifierously and raucously ot being bathed. Thankfully she is too tired and over-wrought to be as piercing as she has been on other shattering occasions, nonetheless I am happy to be a couple of rooms away.

Ah well. The roast chooks require removal from the oven. I hope your weekend has been fun, and perhaps I’ll have something new, vibrant and non-stodgy to say tomorrow.

Also, do you think having had no chocolate since Monday could be a contributing factor?


6 thoughts on “Where’s my blogging mojo gone?

  1. yeah! post every day for a month. It becomes a habit, so much so that I have really missed it already. I’m forcing myself not to post today.

    It forces you to look around at stuff differently. At the very least, do it every second day. I recommend it highly!

  2. I know what you mean – and for a long time only posted once a week. But you see, when you don’t post we miss you!

    Sometimes my life while good, just seems, well, a little dull. Not exciting enough to blog about. But we are interested in your life – and in the knitting and cooking and kids and silliness and all. Maybe the blog a day for a month is the answer – or maybe trying something new – the random blog, the tourist blog the stream of consciousness blog! (Oh right – you did that one!)

  3. I’m going to be totally honest with you – blogging is seasonal for me! Sometimes I love it, sometimes I just do it and sometimes [shock, horror!] it’s a drag! And then I don’t!That’s why you’ll see the “Blogging without obligation” button in my side bar [under my avatar which is under the info about the KAL I’m running].

    Life’s too short to stress about your blog; write when you feel like it – don’t when you dont!

    And now you’re over it, you probably can ignore my humble [but accurate] opinion!

  4. Those piercing, sonic-drill screams are so much more painful when they are bouncing off the shiny ceramic tile in the bathroom, aren’t they?

    Glad you are over your blahs, chick.


  5. Sometimes you just need to vent (just read my blog). We’ll be here when you get your mojo back 🙂

    On a slightly unrelated note, how long are your autumn holidays? Are they several months like here in the U.S. (our summer break) or is just a few weeks?

  6. Yes, once vented everything is better, and then you get a great haircut and all is rainbows!!

    For Mel’s question, Tassie has three terms, beginning in early Feb, 14 week term 1, last two weeks May for autumn hols, then terms 2 and 3 are 12 weeks, two week Sept hols in between, finish a week or two before Xmas (public schools, of course, finish later than independent)

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