I’m baa-ack!

Oh but I had some fun in Sydney! books, books and more books, some yum food, good company, lots of professional talk (ie about our profession), and a bit of personal fun in there too.
I caught up with one friend from uni on Tuesday night (which means we’ve been friends for 15 years of more – holy yarn gods!), and we just sat and talked for several hours – so nice to do nothing but catch up, without the hassle of kids or being out in a restaurant or whatever.
I dropped in to the Morris and Sons knitting night on Thursday, and met a group of lovely peeps whom I must now stalk on Ravelry and in blogland – I want to know what that gorgeous shawl/scarf/item was that someone put on at the end of the meeting!!!
Afterwards I took myself off to Kinokuniya, which is pretty much my idea of bookstore heaven – the only thing better would be if the cafe stayed open until the store closed. I went with the best of intentions – to buy knitting and reading books, and some more Studio Ghibli movies.
I succeeded in fulfilling those intentions quite comprehensively!
Reading: People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks. 4/5ths read.
The Accidental Sorcerer, by K. E. Mills. Never heard of it or the author, just trying it on for size.
Knitting: Vintage Knits, assorted designers. I must have Joy and Salina, and am considering Agnes – all by Kim Hargreaves. I barely restrained myself from casting on the minute I sat down last night. I’m not sure I have the fortitude to resist all weekend.
Free-Range Knitter, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Nuff said.
The Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, by Ann Budd. Because.
300 Knitting Stitch patterns (or something like that) – a Japanese stitch dictionary – a few in there are familiar, but lots of arrowhead-style angled/herringboned patterns which I love.
Movies: Porco Rosso.
Laputa: city in the sky
the Wizard of Earthsea – this one is M, so the MOMD and I will have to watch it first to vet it for children’s viewing. Such a hardship!!! I adore Studio Ghibli movies, and have done since Tottoro came out while I was an exchange student in Tokyo (19 years – officially more than half my lifetime ago!!!). If you like intelligent anime movies that are multilayered enough for both children and adults to enjoy, go watch one.
And now I must go and tidy the kitchen some more, and hang up the third load of washing for the day, and make some dinner for kidlets. I’m still too full of bikkies to eat early – I baked scones and the biscuits you use for melting moments today. I am so looking forward to sitting on the lounge tonight with knitting, the MOMD and a new movie to watch!!
I’ll try for pics tomorrow – it’s been grey and miserable and gradually colder and wetter all day today, so pictures of subtle Pomatomus gorgeousness were not possible.


And for the Australian and New Zealanders in blogland – I am picking rosemary for remembrance.
Lest We Forget.


5 thoughts on “I’m baa-ack!

  1. You will have to give a review of all the books and the movie. They sound interesting and I’m always looking for something new to read or watch.

  2. If the wizard of earthsea is the mini series with isabella rossellini etc – it takes liberties with the books but is OK

    Nice haul for the rest – welcome home!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time!

    I love Kinokuniya. We have all the Studio Ghibli movies [as far as I know] – WM bought them as a boxed set in Chinatown and we supplemented with the ones we didn’t have!

    I love Morris and Sons! Even if it’s only to touch and feel!!

  4. Yes, you absolutely must have Joy – that is the ultimate librarian cardi, especially with the white lacy blouse peeking out of the neck in the Rowan pic. It’s only lacking a string of pearls to make it completely perfect.

    I’ve seen Studio Ghibli’s “Wizard of Earthsea” – not bad. Not the book, but not bad. I still think that their best work is “Spirited Away”, but that’s just me.

    Words cannot describe how ferociously I envy you your trip, but this should give you a hint: it’s been so long since I had a proper Sydney shopping trip that I didn’t even know Kinokuniya existed! How could I not know that?

    Glad you had a good time, chickie. xoxo

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