Off to the bright lights for a week

We’re leaving work a little early this afternoon, heading for Sydney for 4 days. I have no idea how much access/time I’ll have, so probably no mid-week blogging, but I shall leave you with

a) the info that I have not finished my Something Navy because I didn’t knit much on the weekend and am fiddling with the sleeve design a little, but it is coming to Sydney with me (I live in hope)

b) here is a picture of the tea cosy I made a little while ago, with some Clancy’s red – I’ve tried about 4 different reds now, and none of them have given me a reaction, so it was probably just that one wine. I’ll give it a little while longer and try it again. (I can’t insert the picture because Flickr has the hiccups.)

c) while chatting with my Mum I knitted away merrily on my Pomatomus (still hiccuping) but forgot to check the chart for the bit where foot and gusset do weird things to the repeat, so have pulled out 5 rounds and am waiting for a moment where I can get back into it.

Have fun this week, and I’ll be back online on the weekend.



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