Tired but Happy

Welcome to the WordPress version of my blog! I’m hoping that this platform will give me a little bit more flexibility with my posts and design. Also I love the gallery feature!!!

Anyway, what you want to know is whether I’ve been knitting – and the answer would be YES!

I’ve been having a crack at several projects this Easter break (we had a week off school here in Tas, holidays are the end of May). Last night I sat down and finished off three things – one long-term, one medium term, and one from the night before.

Grandma’s Fetchings: now thumbed and finished:

Grandmas Fetchings

Grandma's Fetchings

Premmie cardi: sleeves are seamed, buttons bought and sewn on, ends woven in:

Premmie cardi

Premmie cardi

Urchin hat: the handspun was a gift from Jess (HappyKnittingMum on Rav), and I was hoping for a hat for me, but it has turned into the cutest child’s hat ever invented:

Urchin One-Night-Wonder

Urchin One-Night-Wonder


7 thoughts on “Tired but Happy

  1. Oh, happy new home, I hope there weren’t too many boxes to pack!! I have to say your pictures look somehow better over here!!

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