Let me paint you a picture

A lounge room, wooden floor, mustard walls, old gold curtains, huge redgum dining table, squooshy dark green lounge.
On the floor beside the lounge, a scattering of knitting paraphenalia: rainbow basket of small things, black bag of knitting-to-go, blue bag of long-term WIPs, green bag with shawl…
On the coffee table in front of the lounge, fighting for space amongst the children’s paper, pencils, videos, dvds, baby doll carrycot and random pieces of clothing, is last night’s knitting. Two long, pale blue casein needles are bundled together with the pale pink cotton cardi they are creating. The cotton is fine, soft, the fabric is light, smooth, even. One sleeve flops out like the ear of a toy bunny, and about the same size. A friend at work was surprised by the very, very early arrival of her baby girl, and as I knit this cardi, I hope that her daughter grows strong and well, and am endlessly grateful for the healthy children I have, who never needed clothes this small.


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