Body Parts

I very much enjoyed confusing my students last week when I announced the presence of body parts in my bag – which was only topped by the students’ reactions when I revealed them: “eeww miss, that’s sick – put them away!!!”. Year 8 boys aren’t so tough.
Body parts

This weekend was full of spring – thinning apricots, many loads of washing, much moving of hoses, the clipping and washing of dogs, impromptu bbq, and some knitting. I even got back to fixing the toe on my Berlin sock:
Berlin revisited I had hoped to finish this pair in time for the show next week, but cold hard reality is starting to intrude into my pleasant little fantasy world. (Cue peculiar frog noises and jaunty “London Bridge is falling down” tunes from toybox – as the strata shifts, strange things happen)

That’s about it – it’s well past my bedtime now, so I’ll head off – I’m going to need my sleep to deal with what promises to be an inordinately boring Monday. Hopefully there will be much more interesting tidings during the week!



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